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My new project! C-VPO: The CV Post Office – An Automated Resumé Submission Engine

Today I launch a small, but useful open source project. utilising Cucumber and Selenium-webdriver to take the pain out of uploading CVs to websites. It’s not a lot of pain, but what the hell.

This project is GNU GPLv3 and pull requests are welcome.



On a side note, how incredibly awful is that stock image? It’s so bad I love it.

aXe – Automated Accessibility Testing

I say, old chap – what a BLOODY good idea!

Deque System’s aXe (The Accessibility Engine) open source library is a lightweight (~100 KB), fast, portable JavaScript library that executes automated accessibility testing inside your testing framework or browser of choice.

Accessibility seems to be the last realm of ad-hoc testing (ignoring the fact that most realms of automated testing are frequently aspirational!), so aXe sounds like a fantastic plan:

Deque’s aXe: The Accessibility Engine