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This is a test of that same script send via RTF email:

And it’s gone a bit wrong again. Well, this isn’t Posterous’ fault, but Outlook’s. When I highlight a block of code and tab it in wholesale, instead of inserting tabs, Outlook decides to fuck around with the HTML. What a surprise! I’d never have expected that.

[p class=MsoNormal style=‘margin-left:72.0pt’]function strip_html_tags( $text )[o:p][/o:p][/p]

n.b. < > replaced with [ ]

OK, I can see the point in using styles, to a point. But a new set of p tags with the same style tag AND a class on EVERY LINE? Oh, COME ON Microsoft! And what on EARTH is [o:p][/o:p] for? BAD Outlook. No biskwits for you.

Can Posterous work around this? It’s easy to replace every instance of style=‘margin-left:72.0pt’ with two tabs, but does every user have Outlook set up to use that size and units? If not, it gets damn complicated. Good luck to them, I wouldn’t want to do it. Dealing with MS’ idea of HTML is a daily nightmare for me and probably anyone who ever reads this (probably no-one!)

Posterous Chris is still working on the problem with MCE chewing up the Object tags in the script, but that’s a separate issue.


  • Remove HTML tags, including invisible text such as style and

  • script code, and embedded objects. Add line breaks around

  • block-level tags to prevent word joining after tag removal.


function strip_html_tags( $text )


2 thoughts on “markdown via email test”

  1. Weird! We should only take the text version if we detect markdown in the email. That should in theory just skip the Outlook HTML nonsense.

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