Exciting me today… Social media jQuery, one element icons and more…

Hell yeah… Dealing with social media counters and buttons is TEDIOUS.


I love clever CSS. one-div aims to build a database of single div icons leveraging pseudo elements and some cunning gradients – dig around in the css to learn some interesting tricks. Will be fascinating to see how much more cunning people’s techniques will become over time…


If you have a heavily AJAX’ed web app, telling the user’s they are offline (a la Gmail) would be a great boon, n’est pas?


Automated jQuery testing? Sounds interesting…


Scrubby – scrub slider style adjustment of JS values. Fantastic for experimenting, damn handy for interfaces…


All above scraped from the often very useful Co-drops Collective newsletter


Learn about the HTML 5 Audio API from repropductions of the BBC Radiophonics workshop. Sounds pretty cool to me…



I also mean to get round to reading this at some point:



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