Checking Disk Usage (*nix)

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View Disk Space from SSH

To check your Total Disk Usage for your entire server via SSH you can type the following:



The first column displayed is the device. The next three columns show the total size, the amount used, and the amount available



  • You can use -m for megabytes
  • You can use -k for kilobytes 


Another useful command is du. Running this command will list all directories with their filesize from your current directory.


A good example of using this command would be to view the sizes of your site’s directories:



Remember to replace with your domain name.



To show the total directory size of the current directory you can run the following command:


To show directory sizes as a listing you can use the command:


Searching for Large Files

You can use the following command to search for files over 10MB in size:



To adjust the size of your search replace +10000k with the size you desired, such as the following: 

  • 50MB: +50000k 
  • 100MB: +100000k 
  • 500MB: +500000k 



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