Right-click and drag not working in latest Chrome (~v60+)

When I got this urgent bugfix request I thought it was going to be hell, but fortunately, it turned out to be relatively easy.

When a mouseUp event is triggered, you can check which button has been pressed with the event.button property (in some browsers event.which, and which also has different values from button, but I’m just focused on Chrome atm).

Previously in Chrome, on a mouseMove event while a button was pressed, the event.button property showed the integer for the clicked button (2 in the case of a right-click), but this was changed recently, and it now shows 0, presumably as there is not button click, either up or down, at that moment in time. Without doing any research I’m going to take a punt that this is a better match for the spec, and it does make a certain amount of sense, if one can get over the inconvenience.

The simple answer is to set a flag when the mouseDown event is triggered:

N.B. Remember to declare the initial variable previously in a scope accessible to all of your mouse events.

Then in your mouseMove event, where previously you checked event.button == 2, you can now check isRightClick:

And finally, don’t forget to toggle the flag off at the end of the mouse operation;

This has the added advantage that if you do care about x-browser compatibility and those browsers that prefer event.which,you check for the relevant property only once, when mouseDown, fires and subsequently only have to check isRightClick during the mouseMove event  – and as mouseMove can fire thousands of times, this is a tiny but worthwhile optimisation.

Frankly you should have been doing that anyway. My excuse is I didn’t write the application I’m working on, and the person who did is most definitely NOT a front-end developer!

This change was introduced recently, somewhere around Chrome version 60/61 as far as I can tell.